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Understanding The Injection Molding Process

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All too often, beginning injection mold designers have little practical knowledge of the injection molding process. A basic understanding is very helpful both for design and communication purposes.

Here is an excellent, short video demonstrating the injection molding process. Any injection mold designer should also spend at least a few days in the production area watching the entire process. This will greatly increase the understanding on a practical level.

One of the main complaints that Injection mold maker has about designers is that they don’t really know what is going on in a practical sense. It is true that some designs are unnecessarily complicated or difficult to process.

Working in the production area for a few weeks is also highly advisable. This may not happen very often, but it should. Especially if the mold designer is in training and still young and inexpensive, he should be given the opportunity to get some hands-on experience.

With global competition increasing on a weekly basis, you would be wise to expand your comprehension on every level. This can often give you the slight edge needed to succeed.


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