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The Injection Mold Design Interactive Tutorial

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Bob Dealey, a prominent Injection mold design engineer, has developed a powerful injection mold design tutorial that is simply the best course available to learn mold design

The program comes as a self-paced CD that teaches every aspect of injection mold design. The CD format is very useful for individuals as well as groups because it is self-paced.

The interactive tutorial is an excellent alternative to expensive courses that are primarily designed for experienced designers. This CD enables you to start from the beginning and work your way through the 50 steps presented; all at your own speed.

What you will learn about injection mold design

Injection mold nomenclature Mold flow analysis
Cooling analysis Parting lines
Shrinkage Mold base types
Pocketing methods Cooling of cavity and core
SPI mold classifications Mold design checklist

These are just a few of the many injection mold design topics covered by this popular course.

This CD-based course comes with 50 interactive and animated sections, over 150 illustrations and concludes with a sampling of the mold, testing of your knowledge and a certificate from the Mold Doctor.

Dealey explains that identifying and separating the mold design process into individual and logical technologies was the first step in the development of an interactive animated technique. “Several options were studied and the most logical method was determined to divide the process into about 50 steps to present the technology of plastic injection mold design and options available to the participant,” he states.

The Injection Mold Gate Design Interactive Tutorial comes complete on a regular 3 inch CD. Everything you need is included in this CD.


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