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Prototyping electronic components

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Prototyping electronic components

Is it possible to develop prototypes faster and cheaper?

The Plastic Electrical Enclosures and parts manufacturers develop new products in conjunction with the rapid advancement in technology.  To stay competitive, it is required to design, test, and manufacture electronic products rapidly.  In addition, “in-house” control & confidentiality are particularly important during the product development phase.

Is it possible to keep the confidentiality in-control, while lowering the production costs?

Keeping the designs confidential – at low-cost

Morgan’s plastic injection molding machines offer a significant role in developing devices for the electronics industry at an affordable level. Why? The equipment allows the use of far less expensive molds that would be required for production type molding machines.

By eliminating many of the high-cost tooling features of the mold, overall project costs can be reduced into a sensible product development budget, while keeping the confidentiality of designs fully in-house.

Morgan’s plastic injection molding solution often costs less than conventional molds alone.  It is truly a low-risk, low-cost alternative to getting the prototypes and samples developed by a 3rd party.

Faster “ROI”

Proven in a wide range of applications in the electronics industry, Morgan’s plastic injection molding machines have a track record of reliable, profitable operations for hundreds of large and small companies representing various industries for over 30 years. Many Morgan-Press users state that their unit paid for itself within the first year.

Morgan Industries, Inc. assists customers in identifying areas of cost-saving opportunities for various applications.


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