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Plastic Molding Parts

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Fast Economical Tooling & Plastic Molding Parts For Your Industry

Universal Gravo-Plast Inc. has been in operation in Canada since 1954. Our shop is located in Scarborough, Ontario, a Toronto suburb.

The company started as an engraving shop and quickly expanded into plastic injection moldingshort-run plastic molding and post-molding decorating.

We currently offer mold making, injection molding, short-run molding, and assembly as well as hot stamping for post-mold decoration.

Our expertise and experience is a result of many years in the plastic molding industry.

We can help you design your part, choose precisely the right plastic resin for your application and design and make the inserts to mold your part.

In addition to manufacturing we offer project management and with the help of our product and tool design consultants can take a project from basic sketches to finished parts on time and within budget.

Whether you design it, or you sketch it and we design it, we will tool it and deliver on time and on spec.

We want to be the best supplier that you ever do business with.

Injection Molding For Prototype & Short Run Production

Our process significantly slashes the cost and the lead-time normally associated with obtaining injection molded plastic parts. As it is a real injection molding process, it doesn’t suffer from the inferior material properties or rough surface finishes associated with rapid prototyping. With Universal Grave- Plast’s injection molding system, you get real parts, quickly and economically.

The speed, economy, and quality of our injection molding system making it ideal for functional prototypes. Because Gravo-Plast’s injection molding system is very cost-effective, with a tool life in the range of 100,000 pieces it is also suitable for bridge tooling and short-run production.

We usually produce fully functional plastic molded parts for your needs, faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else in the industry.

Low volume custom colours are our specialty.

Real Savings

Universal Gravo-Plast’s fast delivery, combined with our cost-effective aluminum tooling prices, can save you tens of thousands of dollars and give you the competitive edge you need.

Time Factor

Our experience together with our software, our mold design and our in house tool manufacturing mean shorter lead times. If you choose us not only can we ship your parts fast we can save you a lot of development time.

Real Parts

Universal Gravo-Plast delivers functional injection molded parts in your choice of a variety of thermoplastic resins. Our aluminum tooling supports your needs, from ten to tens of thousands of parts.


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