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Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

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Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Sincere Tech has been in the business for thirteen years now having been founded in the year 2005 in the city of Dong Guan, A town called Chang Pin in China.

Sincere Tech then ventured into the plastic molding manufacturing bu

siness and since shown tremendous improvement and promise, so much so that it presently has up to 30 million RMB, in the business there is so much competition especially in the agile market that we survive in, Governed and driven by certain key principles, we remain the best choice for our clients, principles like orderliness and cleanliness in our mold factory and molding factory, we achieve this by proper management.

Secondly, the level of technology is updated and the best in the market presently, it is the next generation factory technology for both hardware and software but especially the software and we ensure that our systems and techniques are kept up to data at all times and this has proven to be very beneficial as it has incorporate into our production to improve on our quality includes the record high speed FUNAC CNC machine that has a rotate speed of up to 24000. This machine is of Japanese origin and is high technology. We also own another two automatic CNC machines with over 2 meter strokes. There are three coordinates that regulate the CMM machine hence making sure that the operation are efficient. Speedy and straight to the point.

Another important aspect that we capitalize is a staff is highly trained and efficient. It is team of up to 65 professionals each specifically trained in their respective areas of specialization in the plastic injection mold production industry. The staff has been dully trained to ensure that the company is ever growing and also that we give the best customer experience to all our clients both in service and delivery. Our team will steadily take you through the entire plastic molding process with details because they have proper mastery of the English language and their communication skills are very efficient and technical and their help will make your project to go very smoothly and successful all the way. The plastic molds and plastic molding parts that we produce are used by customers in the household appliance industries, food packaging business, automobile and as interior parts in cars. The customers are kept happy so we never compromise on quality.

Our plastic molds are also very durable and even impress our customers because the molds pass every form of testing that is done on them. Considering the level of quality injection molds that we provide to our customers. Our products are very affordable because we prioritize quality above costs. All our products are strategically priced to be able to survive and do well in the market because the pricing rates makes our clients prefer us more.

After sales, we keep in touch with our customers unlike other brands, making sure that the whole before sales, during and after sales experience of our clients is perfect. We see ourselves not only as the suppliers. Our communication system and mak

Plastic Mold, Plastic Moulding

Plastic mold and Plastic Moulding

ing sure that we respond in good time to any problem that our customers come to sue with. If you want know about plastic mold and plastic moulding, get in contact with our team

right away, for guidance on the beat of plastic mold and molding pats that you can buy. You are very important to us and we will prove the when you do business with us.




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