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SINCERE TECH, is an acknowledged, leading plastic molding company of custom-molded and assemblies of thermoplastic parts. For more than 30 years SINCERE TECH has produced high quality, precision plastic mold and component parts for both industry and the United States government, offering unique combination of service, quality, pricing and on time delivery, which capitalizes on our wide knowledge of plastic molding printing, packaging and value-added assemblies.

SINCERE TECH molding capability encompasses a broad spectrum of thermoplastic materials from the standard resins to the engineering grades required in many applications. Our strength and stability comes from the dedication of our people. This dedication is strengthened by their knowledge and professionalism, earning the confidence of the customers we serve. Our versatility is a true reflection of the many diverse and state-of-the-art machines ranging in size from 55 to 1000 tons. SINCERE TECH can perform.

The plant, located in Jacksonville, Texas, has over 90,000 square feet and is equipped with a precision tool shop geared to maintaining customers’ tooling. The facility has the on-site capability for numerous secondary operations, such as packaging, hot stamping, sonic welding, solvent bonding, assembly and printing, all focused on the needs of our customers. As technology advances, SINCERE TECH is prepared to meet the challenge and to maintain our leadership. SINCERE TECH does perform.

One that understands your needs, advises you carefully, and delivers an excellent product right on time…and at the right place. TallyHo can perform.

Since 2005, SINCERE TECH Plastics has been a leader in custom injection molding. Over the years, we’ve learned that a full-service contract manufacturer must provide value-enhanced products to today’s highly demanding customers. In fact, we consider our customers part of our team — just as committed as we are to quality, value, and high expectations. We take pride in teamwork and partnership with our customers.


In the plastics business, quality products and reliability are the most important. That’s why we maintain a database with more than 20,000 materials to assist customers in making the right decisions. Then experience comes into play. We offer valuable suggestions to meet a myriad of technical, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

The proof is in the product. Because of our commitment to excellence, various corporate quality programs have certified ST Plastics — including several “Number One” vendor ratings.

ST’s quality control program involves a fully-equipped quality laboratory, trained inspectors, a military standard gauge control system, FDA Good Manufacturing Practices compliance, and UL listing.


Total quality management assure that products will be delivered on time, every time. We offer computer-to-computer communications capability which minimizes your effort and cost. We can work from your Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) schedule to make sure parts are in stock at peak demand, and to insure your product is ready when needed. Since our efficient scheduling system operates with real-time information, delivery stays on track because conflicts are resolved before they become problems.


Value at ST Plastics means bringing together key attributes such as experience, quality, and service with competitive pricing. Being a total contractor allows many customers “One-Stop-Shopping” for complete packaged finished goods. Let us show how we can save you money on your total product costs!


ST’s customer commitment goes beyond capabilities, quality, and service. Years of successful projects have taught us something special: information is power…the power to make correct decisions.

From start to finish, at ST we ask each customer the right questions, ones that result in successful projects: What are the exact requirements? How can we be cost-effective? What is the proper tooling? What is the planning schedule, and who will be responsible? What’s the best material to use, and what are the alternatives?


Working with our customers, we find the right answer. ST specialists work with every customer to put the answer to use consistently throughout each project. The results bring increased profits to our customers — as well as excellent products delivered on time, at a competitive price, and with no surprises.

Excellence in plastic Molding manufacturing
Where Quality and Service Make the Difference

A modern plant with over 90,000 square feet including:

State-of-the-art secondary operations
A large tooling shop with exceptional capability and experience
Warehouses for raw materials and finished goods, including a new 14,000 square foot finished goods warehouse adjacent to our production area, and a 20,000 square foot off-site warehouse for long and mid-term storage.
An Engineering Department using Solid Works design platform.
Quality Assurance lab with a Coordinate Measuring Machine and other electronic metrology equipment.
A complete maintenance shop and separate mold storage area


Injection molding machines are a closed loop, microprocessor controlled, and computer monitored by the Mattec System. Our equipment includes the following:

1 – 55 ton

3 oz. capacity

2 – 85 ton

3 oz. and 5 oz. capacities

2 – 120 ton

8 oz. capacity

3 – 220 ton

18 oz. capacity

3 – 300 ton

30 oz. capacity

4 – 500 ton

60 oz. (3) and 54 oz. (1) capacities

4 – 650 ton

80 oz. capacity

3 – 700 ton

60 oz., 111 oz., and 125 oz. capacities

1 – 850 ton

140 oz. capacity

2 – 1000 ton

160 oz. with flow molding capability to 220 oz.

Over 700,000 pounds of silo storage with automatic vacuum loading.


Assembly lines with electric and pneumatic equipment.
Hot stamp machines
Drill presses
Sonic welders
Rotary heat tables


Three lathers, six mills with one grinding mill
Three grinders, one I.D. – O.D.
Heat treating capabilities
Optical comparator


Domestic tooling locally supported with 3 state of the art sub-contractors.
Import tools management available.


Quality Assurance Manual
Fully equipped lab
SPC software/computer capabilities
Certified by numerous corporate quality programs
Optical comparator
Surface plates
Numerous hand measuring devices for close tolerance applications
Go/no-go gauges per application requirement
Gauge control systems/calibration systems
New Coordinate Measuring Machine
Tensile Tester
Impact Tester (Izod)

If you need any service in plastic tooling, Custom Plastic injection moulding service, plastic injection molds, contact us now.


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