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Plastic Molding China

Plastic Molding China

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HYX MOLD is plastic molding china company, first established its China operations 20 years ago in 1999 and is by far
the longest established supplier of injection moulding machines in China.

Managing director Stephen Bardsley points out how this demonstrates a huge and unparalleled commitment to the China plastics industry and notes that whereas many machinery manufacturers have pulled out of the China market place
altogether, or have chosen to continue operating via commission agents, HYX MOLD has stood strong in the support of China manufacturing throughout the tough as well as the good times.

HYX MOLD China has been well rewarded for this commitment and is the established market leader in its field. This has been made possible due to the ability to supply high quality European manufactured equipment, a range of advanced processing techniques and technologies… all supported by a team of highly trained and dedicated employees with an average length of service of eleven years.

Plastic molding China

The company’s national after-sales service and support network is therefore unchallenged as the finest available anywhere in China.

HYX MOLD is one of the few suppliers able to offer a complete range of machinery from 15 to 8000 tons, both toggle and fully hydraulic clamping mechanisms as well as a full range of automation and robotics and a range of all-electric and micro machines.

With advanced closed-loop control systems and processes such as Airmould, Aquamold, Contour, structural foam, multi-component…in fact anything to do with injection
moulding…HYX MOLD can provide a system or a process able to meet the demanding requirements of virtually any application.

Recent high technology development is the introduction of the Rapidmelt high-speed plasticizing system. This is HYX MOLD’s own further development on the principle of a multi-flight barrier screw and is an exciting concept that ensures low melt friction and
sheer stress, but increases plasticizing rates and speeds by 30 to 70 percent.

Cycle times are dramatically reduced, providing an all-important increased return on investment when compared with the conventional reciprocating screw as fitted to most injection moulding machines.

Such developments are part of HYX MOLD manufacturer China success and market leadership and in this tradition, the company does not just offer a machine in a box, but a total engineered solution, often from concept through to the finished product.

It does not pursue those customers whose sole objective is to obtain the lowest possible purchase price but instead desires to work together with forward-thinking organizations seeking the best overall value for capital investment.

HYX MOLD embraces innovation and encourages the use of advanced processing techniques, enabling its customers to enhance their competencies, produce world-class mouldings and so establish a long term and sustainable competitive advantage.

HYX MOLD China is able to demonstrate how it has assisted customers to embrace new technologies and so produce top quality and high value-added products to equal world best practice.

These products include the production of automotive components, medical devices, theatre and stadium seating, outdoor furniture, containers, caps and closures, rigid packaging, white goods, electrical goods and switchgear.

Indeed there is not a market sector that has not been favorably influenced by the advanced processing techniques and processes offered by HYX MOLD.

In celebrating its 40th birthday in China, HYX MOLD thanks the many customers who have purchased its injection moulding machinery and associated processing technologies over the last four decades.

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Stephen Bardsley thanks all HYX MOLD customers, especially those who have purchased equipment during the last nine years and during his time as managing director, saying
“Without your support, we could not be where we are today.”

“I hope we may continue to assist you to achieve even greater success and along with my team, look forward to working with you and ensuring your organization is empowered to achieve world-best practice in the field of advanced injection moulding and associated processing techniques.”



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