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Plastic Mold Making Mistake

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When you consider how many chances there are for a mistake in plastic mold making, it is a wonder things go as well as they do! Sometimes they don’t though, and here is an example of what can happen.

Mold is assembled

The mold is finished and expected to be correct

Mold is tested

Testing requires

  • Material on hand
  • A testing schedule, machinery, and technicians
  • Special equipment may be needed
  • The customer may be present

 Metrology requires

  • Technician on hand
  • Fixturing set up
  • Customer may be present or expecting parts
Parts To Customer

The customer expects good parts

  • Customer is unhappy with faulty parts
  • The mold must be returned to tool shop for fixing

Nobody wins. The boss is upset, the customer is upset, Plastic Injection Molding Companies is upset, and nobody is making any money! Mistakes happen, that is just part of the job, but many times they should have been avoided.

There are many causes for mistakes in plastic mold making:

  • Error on print or database
  • Mis-communication of what needed to be done
  • Not paying attention, fatigue, distractions
  • Careless workmanship
  • Unclear expectations

It can take a tremendous effort to change a shop culture, but it can and should be done. Once everyone knows what is expected and demanded, the quality improves. Incentives, overtime, bonuses, all go a long way as well. Plus, recognition for a job well done is greatly appreciated!

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