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plastic injection molding

Plastic is the last century humans invented a kind of chemical products. This kind of products now in our human life play an important role. Plastic has the advantage of light quality, the advantages of anticorrosive, waterproof, insulation is not conductive. The shampoo, shower gel in our daily life, laundry detergent and other kinds of cosmetic products are made of plastic bottles to put, also has a lot of computers, mobile phones, digital cameras are packed in plastic shell, there are a lot of articles for daily use such as office supplies, racks, cabinets are plastic. Plastic in the manufacturing process of the technology will use different plastic mold to produce different type of plastic molding parts.

First, plastic injection molding
For thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic products are mostly through heat plastic melt first, then the melted plastic liquid injected into the fixed molding mold is made of.

The second way, vacuum molding plastics
Another way is to seal plastic into the mold, and then put inside the mold into a vacuum, vacuum and vacuum pressure produced by again to mould heating, let the plastic melt, so after cooling, the plastic will be close to the shape of the forming die present we want to.

Injection molding, must have heard the name everyone can think it should be inseparable with the production of plastic products. When these mould as we know, the mould in fact can be divided into a lot of kinds, then here came to our high quality injection moulding factory have a look at the classification of it.
In fact we all know, no matter what kind of things classification, classification standards are different. According to the forming characteristics, can be divided into thermosetting plastic mould and thermoplastic plastic mold, the two is very common among our mould. Have heard of thermoforming mould, injection molding and so on, these are divided according to the molding process, we can feel out from the name, injected and thermoforming difference is very big.
Sure, the classification of the injection molding is not so simple, there are so many kinds of application in our industrial production, it is the presence of these mould to make products more.


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