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Miterless Molding

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Molding is an embellishment in strip form, made of wood or other structural material that is used to decorate a surface, such as on a wall of a room or building. Having molding installed can add a distinctive look that increases your home value.

Moldings formed an important part of most past styles, in Babylonia, Assyria and Persia; however, their place was taken by flat ceramic enrichments in color. In Egypt, moldings were confined to coves or cavettos and the half round or torus, which used together, formed the cornices of the walls for the temple or pylon. Moldings were an essential feature for the Greek orders and buildings.

Molding changed with the development of Gothic architecture. Cornices, jambs, archivolts and capitals show a richly varied interplay between projecting rounds and deep concavities. In the late Gothic (15th) of France and Germany, there were ingenious combinations of different elements to produce broken, merging and interpenetrating moldings.

Miterless molding uses urethane in external, and divider blocks whenever possible. The use of designer blocks eliminates all concern about take up. Blocks are installed first. Moldings lengths are then cup slightly long and sprung into place. In a Miterless installation, you can use super-latex caulk on the wall and ceiling bedding surfaces of all crown molding lengths, which cleans up easily with water.

At Architectural Depot, we have a variety of Miterless molding, in both white and stainable finish. Our Miterless molding is separately boxed for extra protection and ships in 8-10 business days. We have Crown Dentil Miterless Molding, Crown Egg and Dart Miterless Molding, Crown Florentine, Crown Acanthus Leaf, Crown Leaf, Crown Smooth and Crown Cove Miterless Molding that is sure to add a delicate finish to a wall or surface of the door. We guarantee the lowest price around.



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