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Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium Casting in China

We are A Magnesium die Casting manufacturing, zinc die casting and aluminum die casting company in China,  is a middle, enthusiastic, and established company that has enjoyed steady expansion as a result of its commitment to the twin ideals of high-quality standards and technical innovation.

The company prides itself as a specialist in High pressure die casting production of high-quality magnesium alloy die castings, zinc, and aluminium die casting, and enjoys close links with all major international suppliers in the industry.

A strict policy of maintaining continuous product improvement has led to extensive involvement in casting technology research programs with several European and American universities.

The results of this policy have been reflected both in the development of the patented dry goose-neck hot chamber casting process and in the company’s successful registration under the ISO 9001: 1008 Part 2 Quality Assurance System.

Magnesium Castings offers a bespoke service and places an emphasis on working closely with the customer to advise on the technical design and application of magnesium products.

It is this hands-on approach married to an assured quality of both product and service that sets the company apart from its rivals.

Based in an 8,000sq ft modern production unit approximately two miles Dongguan city center, Magnesium Castings Ltd benefits from its conveniently centralized location.

This is just three minutes drive from Dongguan City to our die casting manufacturer

The company is headed by co-founder and managing director, Mike Yang, who can call on many years of experience in developing high pressure die casting field for zin die casting, aluminum, and magnesium die casting technology.

Don prefers the hands-on approach to management and is therefore involved in all key aspects of the day-to-day operation of the company.

What we can do for you

  • Wide range of Precision Turned Brass Components & Brass Hardware – any size, any shape
  • High pressure Die casting Components – Aluminium & Zinc ( zamak 3 /#5 /#6 & Mangnesium
  • FHP Motors – 220 V / 50 Hz and 110 V / 60 Hz & accessories like rotors, stators and end-shields
  • Pressed Metal/Fabricated Components
  • Lubricating Equipments – Grease guns, Rotary Barrel Pumps, Oil Cans & accessories
  • Fans – Ceiling, Pedestal & Wall-mounted
  • Sourcing agents for Quality Hand Tools – Forged & Tubular, Diesel Engines upto 25 HP – Air Cooled & Water Cooled,
    Lubricating Equipment like Grease Guns, Rotary Barrel Pumps, Oil Cans & Accessories,
    Plastic molds & plastic molding components or any other engineering tools and component


  • In-house tool room facility to make & maintain precision moulds.
  • Facilities for machining, trimming, drilling, lapping, tapping, polishing exist. Electroplating & powder coating as per client’s specifications..


  • We have high-pressure die casting possess machines ranging from 60 tons to 2000 tons
  • We can die-cast components ranging between a few grams to 25 kgs

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