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Injection Moulding Factory In China

As a famous injection moulding factory, we have built our website many years ago. But as we didn’t make full use of internet, so we didn’t make full use of our website. As the SEO service is developing in China, we made the decision to take the SEO service. As our older website is not good for SEO, so we made this new website and will do SEO service for this website. As we also use some B2B platform, so we can get more and more clients via the internet. If somebody doesn’t like our website,  we will thank you for you make a suggestion.

Injection molding & Plastic molding

As the SEO service is trying to make the keywords to rank at the fi

rst page of google, yahoo and bing, so if our keywords are really rank at the referred place, there are many clients can find our website via the search engines. And the is verified by some other plastic moulding factories. So we hope we can get the goal to provide the best service for more and more clients.


Keep Getting Injection Moulding Orders From Old Clients

We have talked  the clients structure in last article, and we said we need about 40% new clients for a stable injection mould company. Now, we want talk about how to keep getting orders form the old clients.

As is known to us all, the new clients  usually make a small order for a test about the quality and delivery as there is not enough of trust between each other. On the contrary, the old clients usually make some big orders to you as they know your quality and delivery for the injection mould and plastic molding  very well. You may take a note and you will find some times ten clients’ sales are less or equal to one old client’s sales. So, why not try your best to keep getting order from the old clients?

Then, how to get plastic injcetion molding from old clients, I just want to say, try your best to offer the best service for you clients, and if he is satisfied with your quality and service, he will keeping making orders from you. And the second is very important is you should try to find out what your old clients need? You should learn to find out the related products from you clients and take the initiative to make a quotation for them.

If your price, quality and delivery are good than others, why he doesn’t give you a chance as he has tested your business. Even if your quotation is bad for others, you are still have many advantages as you are their friends.

In last article, we talked how to keep getting injection moulding an

d plastic mold orders from the old clients, now we should talk about how to get orders from the new clients.

The new clients are usually the first time to get in touch with you and will decide to make a order in about one month. So, the most important is to build the trust between each other. You should think all things standing his point of view, and try you best to satisfy him. Building a good and trust relationship is not a easy thing for most of us, but if you want to get his order, you must success.  Making clear what he cares, what he loves and what he hates is also important for you make a perfect quotation. For example, if you know he is more caring the delviery, so you must  reduce the produce cycyle even if you increase the cost. Usually, if your price is in the reasonable range, he will choose you finally.

So, making clear the fact is the most important thing for a Plastic moulding saler. Try your best, and you will success at last.

How To Find The New Clients?

For a plastic injection mold and plastic injection moulding factory, the clients are the life. If you have a large quantity of clients, the life of this injection molding company is very long, but if you just have few clients, you factory will close soon, i think.

Then, how to find the new clients is a key for all the injection mould factories. We usually find our clients via the introduction of our friends in China. This is very uncultured and also very stable. But as time going on, we should make full use of the internet. So, you should find your clients in the internet. And as the search engines are developing more and more widely,  how to use the search engines to find the clients is also a deep skill for us. Also, we have other ways such as the B2B platform,  the forum, the business-yellow-pages and so on.

You also can use the advertise for finding the new clients. But how to say, there are many ways to get success, but the key is which way you will choose and how about your contralling

How To Expand The Market

With the strengthening of the international trend, how to expand the market is an important decision for all coompanies. But the advancement of technology has brought us a great opportunity. Now, we can contact the clients from all over the world via internet and it is a great way to expand the market obviously.

Now, as a famous injection mould making and Plastic molding factory, we have made full use full of the internet. Many of our quality clients found us via the internet. Now, we have the SEO for our company’s website and also has many B2B sales platform such as Alibaba, Globalsources and Made-in-china.

But, with the increasingly competitive, we still need the new and effient ways to get more and more clients.

Analysis Of Injection Moulding Clients Structure

The clients structure is very important for all companies and factories, especially fpr the plastic injection molding factories. The stable clients structure means the stable efficiency and a stronger competitive edge.

But how about the clients structure is the best ? I just want to see, for the plastic injection moulding factories, there must to be 30-50% for the sales are from the new clients each year, and the last sales are from the older clients. That is to say, the injection moulding factory must develop some new clients to keep the increasing of the sales.

If you have enough older clients and also can develop many new clients, your business must be very brilliant.



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