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Injection Molding Company

Injection Molding Company

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Injection Molding Company

How to start work on injection molding parts by Precision plastic injection molders?


From initial concept through to production Hao mold can assist with in-house services all the way, as well as to save lots of your time and cost. Our team of designers, toolmakers and process engineers work closely together to ensure a smooth transition from design and FMEA via mould tool manufacture to process-capable production.

Mould Design And Making


Most drawing formats can be handled by our design department although we find STEP, PARASOLID, IGES and DXF translate most successfully. Simply email your drawing/model and we’ll do the rest. Our careful assessment of product design will provide cost benefits, assured performance reliability and ensure rapid market entry.

We believe good quality begins with good mould design capability and consider it to be the key to successful mould making. Our experienced engineers utilize the leading softwares (AutoCAD, moldflow, Pro/E, UG NX5, Powermill, Cimatron) to design and make programme. Aided with precision equipment, our technicians observe the design project strictly to make moulds.Timely communication with our designers, engineers, technicians and customers, ensure all mould designs are then validated to our moulds standards and moulding specifications.

plastic injection molding china

plastic injection molding china

We make not only standard moulds but also Two Shot mold. We have several years experience on two shot mold making.This kind of moulds let you have the ability to produce complex moulding from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle. This has the benefits of creating mouldings with more than one colour, or with different materials combined in one mould. Using multi shot injection techniques to eliminate secondary operational steps, increase ergonomics and functionality, improve aesthetics, enhance comfort, also cut leading time. want to know more please go to two shot mold page.

Mould Standardization

We strive to become an international standardization company, dedicate to afford complete service to our customer, so producing standard moulds and parts is our key work. You can get the standard spare parts from us or your markets after you adopt our standard moulds.

Precision Machining

Ultra precision CNC machining in every department assures the accuracy of part dimension. Different types of Electrical Discharge Machining provide exceptional accuracy. Precision machining capabilities include not only the state-of-the art equipment but also the unmatched technical expertise. With the highly trained moulding engineers, operators, technicians and designers, Hao mold have a thorough understanding of mould building and capability to ensure total control and responsibility for the delivery and quality of your moulds.

Injection Moulding

Hao mold as a plastic injection molding china company that specializes in the production of demanding customer products which may require any combination of close tolerances, aesthetic external finish and engineering polymers coloured to a matched specification. Hao mold also embraces the special injection machines for two-shot moulding, so can offer customers with the ordinary plastic components and double colours ones.


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