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Injection Mold China

Injection Mold China

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Injection Mold China

As a member of Injection Mold china  Association, Huangyan Plastic Mold Company specializes in manufacture, design, production and service of plastic mold and products. We have been producing the plastic mold for more than 20 years old. Originally it’s called Huangyan Hongqi Hardware Mold Factory. Since the reform of the enterprise happened in 1993, the total assets increased up to 6 million yuan(RMB). We are trying our best to produce the high quality molds. With the auxiliary design of CAD, CAM, CAE and with the equipment of CNC process center, large scale liner cutter machine and plastic injection molder, we can provide plastic products for the customers directly.
With the scientific management and excellent service, our company’s policy is “three first” which means credit first, being honest; quality first, being efficient; service first, supplying satisfactory service. All the old and new customers home and aboard are warmly welcome to visit our plastic mold company.

TWO-Stage Injection
By uncoupling the extrusion and injection functions,  two stage PET injection design provides a number of advantages over conventional reciprocating screw designs including:
* Homogeneous mall: from continuous plasticizing throughout the plastic molding cycle
* High energy efficiency: achieved through the use of smaller screw sizes
* Special PET screw designs: special screws provide more flexibility to mold a wide range of PET resins and colors

* Uniform malt to each cavity: optional melt channel re-mixers gently mix the molten PET stream before injection
* Minimal AA generation: on-line control of screw rotation, transfer speeds, and injection and hold functions minimize acetaldehyde levels for high quality performs.

Performance Improvements
Cooling Technology: Internal post-mold cooling enables robot systems to run up to 15% faster. Cooling operates while performs are cooling in the take-off plate.
Fast, Compact Design: 48,56,72 and 96 cavities sys-tems with robots occupy 15% less factory floor space.
Simplified Tooling Changes: Standard features include:
* Mold multi-position take-off plate as-sembly for fast, one-piece installation
* Integrated mold heat packages allow automatic configuration for each mold cavi-tation and pitch
* Integrated robot controls.

Robot of injection machine
Our robot systems are ideally for applications compatibility with ex-isting and new tooling. and for performs with relatively thin walls. When combined with multi-position take-off plates and cooling technologies, these systems offer :
* Fast cycle times
* Quality performs
* Reliable operation

China mold company that help lots of companies on the world to increase their business,


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