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How To Use Hair Curling Iron

How To Use Hair Curling Iron

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Going out for a simple dinner, a formal party, or attending a ball and other occasions are simply what everyone are looking for to flaunt their best hairstyle. Having a great hairstyle is the best way to bring out the best in you and the confidence you can show everyone. One of the best hairstyle there is especially for women out there is a curly hair. Using curling iron is the easiest way for women to get that curly hair look in not more than 15 minutes and without going to a hair salon. Since the first time it has been introduced from its stylist and inventors has already made a lot of fashionable history around the world.

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Many women out there are looking for information on how to use curling iron the right way. Here are the easy to do step by step instructions on how to use it:

  1. After shower, apply a very little amount of hair gel, or any hair styling product to your damp hair. Use a blower to let it dry completely. Do not use curling iron onto wet hair.
  2. While blow drying your hair, plug the curling iron and wait for about 10 minutes or more for it to become completely hot. Make sure that it is not too hot so as not to burn your hair strands. Set the curling iron to the right amount of temperature as most curling irons have this feature.
  3. Separating the hair into different sections will help you get that perfect curly style you want. If possible, use hair clips to hold your hair making it easy to style in each section. Hold one section of your hair together, and then on the other hand hold the curling iron tightly. Insert the end part of your hair onto the curling iron lever and begin twisting the curling iron all around your hair. You can twist the curling iron in about 10 seconds or more to get the best result you want. Repeat the procedure all over again until all other section of your hair is curled.

Curling irons are of different kind and sizes depending on its manufacturer. There are several kinds of curling irons in the market and prices depend on its quality, material, and durability. You can get curling irons made of quick-heating and golden-bar iron. Sizes ranges from 1” to 1.25” depending on its manufacturer. Other curling irons are also made of ceramics. In fact, most users prefer to use them as it is safer to one’s hair.

It is very easy to get that curly look you want with the use of curling irons. All you have to do is look for the best priced and good quality curling irons then follow thoroughly the steps provided above. To buy affordable yet quality curling iron, go to wholesale curling irons manufacturer.


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