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High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting

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What difference between aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting.-High Pressure Die Casting

First all of those three die casting is made normally same process, called high pressure die casting, but there are some gravity die casting, low pressure die casting are used for aluminum casting parts.

8% of earth’s crust, non-magnetic properties ad a broad coverage of aluminum, the most common metal, such as concentrate. Such application is alloyed with the most common medications, including substances such as copper, zinc and magnesium. Aluminum alloys are mainly manufactured to improve their metallic properties and improve their strength, since pure aluminum die casting is relatedly smooth. Why choose the aluminum die casting you prefer?

When you investigate the methods of production of aluminum parts by casting.

The launch methods are in conflict:

  1. Thanks to this method, aluminum casting parts can be molded into very thin sections.

Engine parts such as gearbox, cylinder housing and manifold are under pressure, it is produced by the method.

  1. Low pressure casting process.

When a liquid metal fills a cavity its own weight, pressure in the drum. In this way, silicon alloy cylinder heads, motor blocks can be produced.

  1. Method of sand casting.

The aluminum die casting method in the production of large and complex engine parts.

It is used however, the cost of surface treatment is greater in terms of surface quality.

  1. Kosvort casting process

It is a technology to produce casting aluminum, manufactured in a protective gas atmosphere. This method is also used for military and aviation vehicles.

  1. the HVS method

This is a method developed to melt aircraft engine blocks.

  1. Method for injection moulding.

Then main casting method has become a prominent place in automotive applications. With this method, it is possible to melt aluminum pieces successfully.

  1. Method of injection moulding,

Pouring is a method of pouring gas against pressure, this method is used in the manufacture of tires.

  1. Vertical method if continuous casting

It is used in the production of thick aluminum var. through the continuous casting method.

Air pistons and automobile can be manufactured with fabricated rods.

  1. The exact type of launch

This is the casting method for specific parts where precise sensors are needed.

For examples, a vortex chamber. Vehicles used in diesel vehicles which precision castings are produced.

  1. Mold launch method

This is the preferred method due to the lower installation costs. Use this method details such as cylinder heads. Intake manifold.

  1. Method for pressing the crystal

It is used in the production of fiber-reinforced aluminum parts. Combustion in this way. Combustion chamber of the diston can be created.Magnesium die casting

Advantages of magnesium die casting

Magnesium id gradually gaining importance as a metal. Compared to his power, his low appeal increased his popularity. It is usually mixed with aluminum, zinc and manganese. The most commonly used zinc and aluminum alloys are family. Aluminum and magnesium alloys. Where the desired elongation. Durability and impact are used when desired, which is the casting and strength. Aluminum zinc alloys have a melting range of 470 to 6210 AC ( 880 to 1130 AF).

While aluminum manganese alloys are higher ( 540 to 640AC) ( 1000 TO 1180 AF). Most magnesium die casting alloys have low creep resistance, making them unsuitable for parts weakness. Most are related to the inclusion of alkaline earth metals or rare earths in alloys. Unfortunately. This affects the viability of these alloys in the negative direction. Thereby increasing the stress on lubricating the moulds. Unlike aluminum alloys. The main problem are not related to the magnesium alloy casting alloys. As magnesium alloys are formed faster. The main task of the wheel is to fill the gap matrix and prevent cold flow defects. Magnesium alloys are usually moulded at higher shutter speeds. Than aluminum alloys. Because it is not aggressive for steel such as aluminum. It can be thown into the room by heating and cooling machines

Most magnesium alloys contain copious amounts of aluminum.

Magnesium is gaining popularity in a range of consumer electronics products such as laptop computer cases., GPS case components and mobile phone cases

Zinc die casting.

During the zinc die casting injection process, the molten metal, the preheated steel mould. Is introduced at high pressure.Zinc die casting

Thin-walled injection moulding products with a soft surface hardness and strength can also be produced in this way. The following standards have been developed for molten zinc, focus maximum dimensions stability

The temperature are incredible registration materials

Long life of the tool and complex surface.

Sander die casting uses hot zinc chillers that can fill pieces from 2 rams, the Z410 is processed even for fully processed alloys



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