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Guide to Antique Iron Fence

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An antique piece is something that most of us are fascinated by. Antiques belonging to the family heirloom or bought from some museum auction or from any other place hold a very special place in the hearts of their possessors. Any antique, be it big or small, has a great money value and even greater sentimental value. Thus even an antique iron fence is extremely valuable and prized for many.

Antique Iron Fence

The iron fence has got a very crucial role to play. It is vital for the protection and safety of the house. Iron fence is necessary to keep out trespassers, strangers, stray animals and pests. Fencing also helps in keeping out over-inquisitive neighbors.

This suggests that iron fence must be strong enough to be of any use to the homeowner. However apart from its utility, if the fence has great aesthetic value too then it is just the perfect icing on the cake. A beautiful fence makes the house look attractive too and gives a very formal feel to it. It makes the exteriors of the house look great and makes a style statement. They can also define or express the artistic approach of the homeowner.

Many house owners love to have an antique iron fence around their homes. Antique iron fence helps a lot in adding a very royal look to the house. The house starts looking like a place from the golden period of the kings and gets a very historical feel to it. There are several types of antique iron fences that are the most sought after.

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The types are as follows:

a) There are antique iron fences that are made of authentic wrought iron. There are fences in this which are up to seven feet in height.
b) Another type of antique iron fencing is the vintage cast iron fence.
c) Antique fences also come in Victorian style iron picket fence.
d) Yet another very interesting antique iron fencing style is the horse head fence made of antique cast iron.
e) There is fencing made of ornamental iron which is a great antique piece.
f) Fences made of authentic wrought iron with spear-heads are one of the most popular antique iron fences.


These antique iron fences make the house look special. Hence it comes as a no surprise that homeowners are constantly on the lookout for these fences.


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