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Die Casting

Die Casting

CNM TECH made a humble beginning in 1999. Today, the company has two factories to cater to a diversified range of products and services encompassing industries like automotive, hardware, plumbing, and heating controls. Our factories are specialized in aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting and zinc pressure die castings and machined components. Over the last decade, CNM TECH has earned

respect in the Indian and international markets with its commitment to unwavering quality and customer satisfaction. Today, it has satisfied customers from, the world over, mainly from Hardware, and Plumbing industry.

CNM TECH enjoys a well-deserved reputation for:

Mission statement

The quality…without compromise Excellent, on-time delivery Competitive pricing Knowledgeable technical support Unmatched customer service and satisfaction

We believe the future measure of our success will be the ability to respond rapidly to ever-changing customer requirements. This will require us to blend the best of big and small, becoming large and efficient internally while remaining small and flexible in the eyes of the customer. At CNM TECH, we are dedicated to this vision of the future. The company takes an international and entrepreneurial approach to operate at the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and ethics, with a total focus on our customer’s needs.

Product Selection

Our factory specializes in producing from small to high quantities of both gravities die casting and high pressure die casting. The traditional gravity casting process is most suited to small volume while pressure die casting is often more cost-effective and practical for large volume products. Many of our castings are supplied fully machined and ready for assembly. Our product selection also features precision machining of light engineering components by Turning/ Milling and Power Press working of sheet metal parts. We are also open to new product developments to satisfy our customer’s specific requirements.

Gravity die casting

Gravity die casting is suitable for mass production as compared to sand casting. A schematic view in Figure shows the main parts constituting a classical mould for gravity die casting. Cores (inner parts of the mould) are generally made of bonded sand.

Our company has its own Gravity Die-casting unit comprising of three machines with a 100 kg furnace. To ensure the optimum metal

quality, we maintain batch to batch shorter melting & holding time, which is specifically desired for small & medium-sized Aluminum components. The components produced include castings with shell sand cores as well as metallic cores ranging from thick-walled to intricate thin-walled casting. The company is presently supplying a variety of gravity castings in raw/ fully finished condition. The finishes we offer are shot blasted, mirror polished, painted, powder-coated, anodized, lacquered, and electroplated.

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