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Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding

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Custom Injection Molding

If you are planing to make your new product development or design a new model, then normally you will need some custom  injection molding parts and metal parts, if you have the custom mold from your old model then you make need to do some changes,

If you don’t have any plastic molds yet, now is the time to get us involved with your new project.  There is no substitute for properly designed molds.  We are highly competitive in our plastic molds since what we really would like is to injection mold your parts as well as build the molds.

With our in-house fully equipped plastic mold manufacturing machine shop, we are able to perform all needed mould design, building, repair, and maintenance, assuring you of the most trouble free operations possible.

We have CNC machines, EDM machines, lathes, mills, CAD software, and everything else we need to provide you with quality workmanship.

If repairs, maintenance or reconditioning work are ever required we can provide extremely quick turn around times and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Our expert staff will work with you to determine the best, most economical, most efficient solution for all of your tool and die needs.

In many cases, the mold costs can be greatly reduced through the use of secondary operations to the molded parts such as drilling, tapping, ultrasonic welding etc.

We will work with you to find the best, most effective and cost efficient solution for all of your plastic injection molding and related needs.

We here at SINCERE TECH are committed to providing you with only highest possible quality in all of our provided services.

Plastic injection molding of virtually all thermoplastics,  from commodity grades to exotic, high-performance engineering resins and cpvc.

Our array of equipment includes plastic injection molding machines ranging from 50 tons to 1600 tons, and can handle shot sizes as small as 0.003 g and as large as 3kg. That represents a lot of flexibility with regard to part size.

Our expert staff has years of experience in all phases of plastic injection molding from the initial product design, through prototyping, and including tool and die design and the plastic mold making itself.

Short runs, medium runs, or long injection molding runs…we will provide you with whatever it takes to assist  you in getting get your product to market as quickly and hassle free as possible.

We can provide you with any secondary operations that you may require, such as ultrasonic welding, painting, staking, drilling, tapping, finishing, assembly, and even packaging.

We are proficient at fixturing and jigs.

If you have any questions about our services or any tool and die or prototyping questions, or if you would like a quote, please welcome to our mean website by


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