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Chariral Molding

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Many accents are used to add a distinctive look to homes, churches and other public buildings; some are used to hide shoddy construction or give your home a period look.

Wood Moldings are architectural details installed to trim floors, doors, windows and ceilings. They can add value to your home, by enhancing any décor and give a finished look to your room.

Wood moldings are made of hardwood, soft wood, molded wood product or resin materials and they come in many different shapes and patterns, depending on the style of the piece.
Chariral Molding
There are many styles of molding, from Bead and Reel molding—carved round and oblong beads in a alternating pattern, Beveled molding—a carved narrow length that attaches at a slight angle, to Scotia and Torus Molding—convex, shaped like a semi-circle and astragal molding but larger and wider.

Crown dentil moldings are a popular design and one that has been around for many years. The pattern is of triangular white teeth grooves that go the length of the molding, and makes a great accent along with the ceiling, either in white or stainable. Another is fancy embellishments along the top, in a pattern, with the white “key” in the middle and a floral pattern on the bottom face of the molding.

Another type would be the Crown Egg and Dart, which is a softer, classier molding. Smaller white grooves are in the middle, with smaller, circular embellishments on the bottom. The molding is also smaller and more feminine. The Crown Florentine is the most elaborate molding, with large, fancy decorative trim on the bottom; the crown smooth is simple, without any embellishments.

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