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Automobile Mold

Automobile Mold

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Automobile Mold for vehicles

Even today in China automotive mold mainly imported , China will see in a fastest growing age in the automotive mold industry history.
The quality of the mold is reflected in automotive products, which can direct to the consumer experience is the “work” is good or bad. Domestic car inventories growing is an indisputable fact.
Compare to the auto industry,  China mold industry has a longer history, but walking slowly. Since the 1950s China began to produce the first trucks, we have

made our own Automobile Mold. However, traditional manual mode and play imitation type, copy type of mold production made us always stay in the rough  level.So, from our own Red Flag sedans and now many brands of China-made cars, the  molds are mainly imported. The import price  is several times of local price.

Our gap in the “accuracy” . The “accuracy” is not only technically, but also the concept. For example, how to make a stretch in the press forming of steel, the product’s dimensional accuracy, material deformation, rebound, rigidity, etc. to achieve good quality, which we are still technically difficult to achieve.
Since 2000, China’s auto industry, especially the rapid development of cars, drive a car and automotive mold industry to flourish.  Last year, the number of China’s imports of CNC machine tools have become No.1 in the world. With the state’s new auto industry policy has mold on the forefront, and will be the focus of the next few years the development of industry.
The development trend of Chinese mold, prospects for the future. Products such as motor vehicles and to the development of lightweight, die-casting mold ratio will continue to increase.While the die-casting mold and complexity of life will also be raised higher and higher requirements; to plastic steel, plastic wood to further speed up the process, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to increase.

I’d like to recommend you some injection mold china companies which specialized in making automotive molds.

In recent years, China’s automotive mold industry, especially the development of foreign trade across a big step forward. Some experts believe automotive mold exports will receive a brilliant spring. We certainly have reason to face the happy results, but we must clearly recognize the achievements and outstanding issues behind the numbers and look for reasons  carefully, take active measures in order to improve.

Foreign-funded enterprises are still the main exports

China automotive mold products accounted for 45% of total exports of Guangdong Province, the “three capital” enterprises account for a considerable amount, and is the main export. In addition to private enterprises in Zhejiang, GuanDong, exports account for the dominant amount of automotive mold, most of the other provinces is “three capital” enterprises as the main force. Our own business, because of the week innovation and development capacity, the overall level is inferior to the “three capital” enterprises.

This situation that automotive molds export  mainly depends  on the “three capital” enterprises should arouse enough attention.


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