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Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting

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How To Find A Suitable Aluminum Die Casting ( Aluminium Die Casting ) Companies

Here, we would like to guide you to choose the proper selection of casting methods.

Aluminum Die Casting Companies

CN Manufacture Tech(Sunmei Die Casting Is situated in DongGuan China which is the manufacturing city in Guangdong of China. We are very close to HongKong. These arrangements target to provide precision service for Zinc Die castingAluminum Die casting, Magnesium Die Casting to our customers, and assist to speed aspect of customer end.

We commit to response your requirements questions promptly, and love to share our industry knowledge and experience with potential customers. The goal of CNM is to provide a one-stop service for our customers. Our professional execution of project management and quality control to ensure that our customers will be satisfied by our quality and lead time.

CNM has more than 20 years of experience in casting manufacturing. have die casting manufacturer machines from 60 T to 2000T. Our service including communications chassis body, automotive aluminum parts, LED display cabinet, LED lamp shell, Agriculture, Appliance, Communications, Construction, Electronics, Hardware, Medical, sports equipment, Pump Products, all kinds of small or large scale castings.
Our mechanical engineer can speak English directly with our customers, this will save lots of communication time for every project, all of our mechanical engineers have more than 12 years working experience in hardware, this rich working experience
will help our customers foresee all aspects of the die casting manufacture tooling design and manufacturing issues. By feasibility analysis (DFM) to solve your question before or productions.

Aluminium Die Casting Companies

Aluminium is a really very useful metal. It’s so versatile, in fact, that it can be suitable for all sorts of different fields and industries. Think about it. We use things made out of this particular metal and its alloys all the time.

Your glasses might be aluminium, your bicycle is likely to be, and that shiny stuff you wrap your sandwiches in every day? It is only aluminium, isn’t it! Because it’s both strong and light, aluminum is used a lot in construction too.

An alloy of any metal can be produced to give the qualities of two or more different materials or to produce something with a very particular aesthetic quality. Steel, for example, is an alloy we use all the time.

It harbors the strength of the iron, whilst the carbon which is added means that it is less prone to rust and wear.

How to harness aluminium

Because Aluminium die casting parts is so strong and lightweight, it needs specialist Aluminium die casting machining in order to produce the components that you need for your product manufacturing process.

In order for the parts to be produced properly, aluminium machining involves the use of turned parts.

Aluminium die casting machining is a precise process that works by chipping away minuscule fragments of the metal, to make sure the shape you end up with is completely accurate, down to a tolerance of +/-0.005. That is to say, really, really accurate.

With a process like aluminium machining which relies so heavily on complete accuracy, the quality of the machines doing the work is absolutely paramount.

If the blades become worn they simply won’t be able to give the necessary results. While any tiny errors might be barely visible to the eye, it can cause problems further down the line when you try and fit the part in with other components.

It is important then, that the company you’re using for your aluminium machining keep up meticulously high standards.

Die casting or Aluminium Machining?

Whether you start out with a huge sheet of Aluminum die casting, Magnesium Die Casting or a smaller piece, the process allows a CNC controlled milling machine to efficiently provide an alternative to the less accurate process of die casting manufacture.

When you die cast you are required to force high pressured molten metal into a mould. It is longer and more expensive though, as you will require a different mould for different jobs, whilst CNC milling machines can be programmed for all sorts of different parts – and they will still be completely accurate.

When you’re working in a factory that produces the same parts all the time (hubcaps, for example), die casting manufacture can be cheaper as you won’t need to invest in the highly expensive, and you’ll be able to use the same moulds for a continuous period.

When you’re changing the parts produced on a day to day basis (when you’re producing parts for prototypes for example, rather than producing single products for a specific Aluminium die casting manufacturer), Aluminium die casting machining is a much more effective process, both in terms of time and financially.


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